Graffiti removal

Today the Dirtbusters team worked in Liverpool city centre on an offensive graffiti removal job just off Rodney Street.
The customer was extremely anxious for a quick removal as the graffiti was daubed on the front of the building in bright green paint, not good for his business at all !!!!
Due to the high foot fall in Liverpool city centre, Dirtbusters were compelled to carry out a full risk assessment and consider any health and safety factors that might influence this graffiti removal job. After all, we don’t want to spray anyone with high-pressure water first thing in the morning!

liverpool graffiti removing
Other important considerations were drainage, the age of the wall, and the type of paint or aerosol used. The owner was somewhat dubious of the results that we may achieve as he had tried another company in the past with not great results. However after the use of specially designed Environmentally friendly graffiti cleaning chemicals and a deep clean using the latest high power petrol variable pressure jet wash he was truly astounded.

This is no Karcher domestic jet wash, no this is a big industrial machine with the power of ten Karcher’s. Yet with variable pressure and the correct operation it can also be used delicately on softer surfaces e.g., Sandstone or grade II Listed walls. This also guarantees there is no water damage result, total and complete removal by the Dirtbusters jetwashing Team.

This graffiti removal service in Liverpool is very effective on all surfaces such as brick, metal, glass, and plastic.