Woolton imprinted concrete

The Dirtbusters team worked in the Historic village of Woolton today in the south side of Liverpool. Our mission today was to renovate a concrete  imprint effect path. Concrete imprint effect is a fairly new technic for covering pathways ,patios and drives. Special formula concrete is laid wet then a pattern  of your choice is pressed into the medium to give an attractive patterned look.  After a significant drying time, a special weatherproof seal is applied over the top. a choice of colours and finishes are available .

liverpool imprinted concrete

Mat is a dull none reflective finish.
Silk a mid sheen reflective finish.
Gloss a high sheen highly reflective finish.
All finishes must be applied using special coconut bristle brushes. Each coat should be allowed to dry for 2 hours before recoating. Dirtbusters always apply 3 coats for a long lasting quality finish. We only use high-quality seal and dye products supplied from top manufacturer’s.
The customers path in question had faded over time and had lost its sheen and depth of colour. First step was a high-pressure wash to remove all dirt and debris. The next step is to allow to dry for 24 hours. Next, the seal is mixed in the correct amounts with the chosen dye . It is then carefully applied using the special brushes. Two hours is left between coats . Once 3 coats have been applied the path will look like new a deep uniform colour and pleasant all over  sheen .
Expansion joints are cut into concrete imprint paths to allow for expansion and contraction in differing atmospheric conditions. Dirtbusters always fill these joints with a flexible filler to stop weed growth and debris building up. This can only be done after the seal has been allowed to dry for 24 hours.
The end result a beautiful deep coloured clean path that looks like new and an extremely happy and satisfied customer!